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"Сейчас мне совершенно не жаль, что я уже не один из Cannibal Corpse. Первое время я был очень на них зол. Я приходил в ярость, когда представлял себе реакцию фэнов на такие дела... Целый год я трудился над текстами для пятого альбома СС, а эти гады прослушивали кандидатов–вокалистов еще до того, как меня официально выставили из команды..."

Chris Barnes, 1997

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One Bullet Left


I'll kill all the haters
They'll nerver stop their deaths
We'll bread and burn and murder
Each of you to the last
Return to make it final
One bullet to your head
I know it just won't happen
A world that's free from pain
So I'll just use my freedom
To fucking kill and maim them
Reduce their heads with lead
Not ever gonna stop us
Not 'til the last one drops off
Not 'til they die and rot up
Not ever gonna stop
Not 'til the last one drops
One bullet left - one bullet left - one
One bullet left - one life to die - one
One bullet left - one bullet left - one
For some reason you motherfuckers think this is
Some kind of motherfuckin game
You ain't gonna realize until I got some fucking
Steel pointed at your faggot-ass face and blow your
Motherfuckin dome off your goddamn shoulders
You motherfuckin critic-ass bitch motherfuckers
Catch you comin out your motherfuckin house
I put the gat to your face and head and blast
Blow your fuckin face off, rock you with the
Sawed-off, blow guts all over your bitch
Leave your stankin in a six foot ditch
Run up in your house with a tek out
Duct tape your spouse with a gun in her mouth
Smack your dids up you think I give a fuck
I'll call the fuckin pigs on myself
Barricade the black with the ATF
I don't give a fuck bitch I pray for death
Grab your little girl by the neck
Bust her in the chest
And throw her on the lawn
Call CNN it's on, get this on TV
The last one's for me
Aim with the pipe down dead in my head
And squeeze
Leave the whole wall red
One bullet left, one bullet left - one
One bullet left - one life to die for
One bullet left, one bullet left - one
One bullet left - one life to die for
Always got one bullet left
One of fifty to their fucking chests
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