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Six Feet Under расстались с барабанщиком Kevin'ом Talley, которого заменил Marco Pitruzzella. Он...
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О грядущем туре по Австралии, каверах на AC/DC, тематике альбома "Undead", его сочинении, туре...
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"Я даже не уверен, не оскорбили ли мы всех австралийцев, записав такие кавера на AC/DC!"

Chris Barnes, 2012

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Grinder (Judas Priest cover)


Never straight and narrow
I won't keep in time
Tend to burn the arrow
Out of the line
Been inclined to wander
Off the beaten track
That's where there's thunder
And the wind shouts back
Looking for meat
Wants you to eat
Got no use for routine
I shiver at the thought
Open skies are my scene
That's why I won't get caught
Refuse to bite the mantrap
Be led to set the snare
I love to have my sight
Capped everywhere
Looking for meat
Wants you to eat
I've held my licence
It came with birth,
For self reliance on this earth
You take the bullet
On which my name
Was etched upon in your game
Day of independence
Stamped us like a brand
Round the necks of millions
To the land
As the mighty eagle
I need room to breathe
Witness from the treadmill
I take my leave
Looking for meat
Wants you to eat
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